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With operations in the UK, France, and Germany, Adviva is a premier online advertising network combining broad reach, technological solutions, and customer service support for its advertiser and publisher partners. The site claims to reach over 20...

Founded in 2000
Total money raised: $118M

26-30 Strutton Ground


Phone: 44 (0) 20 7227 6370

Updated on Jul 23, 2013
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Russell Vanderhook Co-founder/SVP
Tim Vanderhook Co-founder/President/CEO
Fabrizio Blanco CTO
Chris Vanderhook Co-founder/COO
Drew Bordages Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Jason Knapp EVP, Product Development
Ron Nielsen VP, Media Operations
Roy E. Luna CFO
Virginia Ammann Director of Advertising
Jon Schulz Executive Vice President
Colin Petrie-Norris Managing Director – International
Parker S. Kennedy Board of Director
Bill Burke Advisory Board
Todd Treusdell Managing Director, European Operations
Nicolas Mignot Country Director, France
Larry Madden Chief Financial Officer
Neil Garfinkel Board of Director
Ed McCarrick Advisory Board
Roger Mincheff President, Original Programming
Sangam Sangameswara CTO
David Jakubowski Senior Vice-President
Steve McCartney Senior Vice President, Engineering
Daryl G. McNutt VP, Client Services
Christine Schoultz VP, Marketing
Steven T.A. Carter VP, Product Development
Perry Nusbaum VP, Eastern US Sales
Tania Bruning Finance Director
Tony Laskar Director of Business Development
Amanda Powter Senior Product Manager
Wendy Mckay Sr Account Executive
Kurt Munzinger VP, Western US
Rupert Staines Senior Vice President
John Huang Director of Delivery
Steve McCartney Head of Technology Europe

June, 2011

Adviva acquired MySpace for $35M

Myspace Acquired, CEO Out: Email From Mike Jones To Employees

December, 2010

Adviva acquired AdCombination

Specific Media Acquires AdCombination

October, 2010

Adviva acquired BBE

Specific Media Buys Video Ad Net BBE

March, 2008

Adviva acquired Adviva

November, 2007

Adviva raised $100M in a Series B round from Francisco Partners

More Ad Network Deals—Specific Media Raises $100 Million, AOL Close to Buying Quigo For $300 Million

June, 2006

Adviva raised $10M in a Series A round from Enterprise Partners and Shepherd Ventures

More Ad Network Deals—Specific Media Raises $100 Million, AOL Close to Buying Quigo For $300 Million

January, 2006

Adviva raised $8M in a Series A round from Kennet Partners

July, 2000

Adviva was founded on July, 2000