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Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with approximately 204,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all...

Founded in 2001
Employees: 205,000

92108 1615 Murray Canyon Road
Suite 400

San Diego
San Diego
Updated on Oct 3, 2013
Accenture at CrunchBase
Pierre Nanterme Chairman & CEO
Roxanne Taylor Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Jill B. Smart Chief Human Resources Officer
Michael J. Salvino Chief Executive—Business Process Outsourcing
Jean-Marc Ollagnier Chief Executive—Resources
Richard Lumb Chief Executive—Financial Services
Shawn Collinson Chief Strategy Officer
Gianfranco Casati Chief Executive—Products
David P. Rowland Chief Financial Officer
Gavin Michael Chief Technology Innovation Officer
Jorge Benitez Chief Executive US and Managing Director North America
William D. Green CEO & Partner
Nikhil Daftary CRM Consultant
Colin Lowenberg Wireless Technology Consultant
Tom Burger Software Architect
Bob Wei Security Analyst
Gaurav Hardikar Business Analyst
Brent Trimble Global Client Services Director / GTM Lead at Accenture Interactive
Dave Robinett
Stephan Rau Consultant
Chris Checco Lead Management Scientist
Nobuyuki Idei Director
Martin I. Cole Chief Executive—Technology
Sander van 't Noordende Chief Executive—Management Consulting
Robert E. Sell Chief Executive—Communications, Media & Technology
David C. Thomlinson Chief Geographic Strategy & Operations Officer
Ray Grady Managing Director
Dina Dublon Board Member
Dan McCue Senior Manager
Simon Kempner Analyst Consultant
Stephen Phillips
John Staunton Team Member
Alexandre Naressi Senior Manager at Accenture Technology Labs
Julien Berthéas IT consultant
Frank Vaculin Managing Director, Communications, Media and High Technology
Paul Daugherty Chief Technology Architect
Narciso Tauler Managing Director, Service Delivery Lead - avVenta
Jamie Posnanski Managing Director
Tim Slayton Senior Anderson Consulting
Phong Q. Rock N.A. mCommerce Lead, Accenture Mobility Services
Manvinder Sandhu Sr. Mgr (Cisco Services Unit)
Jo Deblaere Chief Operating Officer
Adrian Lajtha Chief Leadership Officer
Stephen J. Rohleder Chief Executive—Health & Public Service
Julie Spellman Sweet General Counsel, Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer
Aleksejs Sinicins iOS DEVELOPER
Charles Giancarlo Board of Director
Michael Schoen Consultant, Advanced Technology Group
Rolands Umbrovskis Senior Programmer
Esben Friis-Jensen Consultant
Chris Murphy
Karim Chehade Team Member
Joe Forehand CEO
David A. Rey Chairman, Diamond Client Forum
Robert N. Frerichs International Chairman
Joe Forehand Chief Executive, Communications & High Technology Operating Group
William D. Green Chief Executive
Harry L. You CFO / Principal Accounting Officer
Pamela J. Craig Senior Vice President
Brian Harrington VP, Business Development
Kelly Malone West Region Sales VP
Brian Hansen
Steve Chen
Skander Ben Mansour Management Consultant
Miguel Angel Ivars Mas Programmer
Andrew Sheppard Consultant
Scott Bils
Narinder Singh Senior Consultant, Center for Strategic Technology
Scott Velicer Consultant
Patricio Torres Asistant
Raymond Grainger Partner
Francois Naudé Senior Manager
Anthony DeFilippo Consultant
David Pessis Solution Architect
Scott Rocher Senior PHP Software Engineer
Eduardo Frias Sr. Manager
Cindy Gordon Partner
Jeanette Cajide Product Manager & Solution Architect
Filippo Satolli Business Management Consultant
Mansour Salame Consultant
Jay Rampuria Partner, Analytics and Marketing Services
Dilek Dayinlarli Senior Management Consultant
Rafael Anta Senior Consultant
Jamyn Edis Manager / Strategy / TMT
Maria Ocampo Analyst & PMI
Will Neale Manager
Alessio Bonu Stage
Jerome Touze Consultant
Mattias Danielsson Strategy Consultant
Mike Donohue Managing Partner
Scott Covington Manager
Olivier Philippe Manager
Stephan Widmer Consultant
In Hsieh Change Management Analyst
Todd Getz Finance Senior Manager
Edward Vesely Director, Product Marketing and International Business Development
Ben Kartzman Manager
Scott Jacobson Senior Consultant
Maurice Martin Senior Consultant
Stephen Brickley Manager
Jennifer Kyriakakis Consultant
Collin Willis Consultant
Eran Dekel Consultant
Ram Menon Global Supply Chain practice
Ramon Colomina Executive Partner
David Donabedian Senior Manager
Lander Coronado-Garcia Consultant
Bruce Goldstein Consultant
Jason Mendelson Consultant
Jason Simpson multi-million dollar engagements for both the U.S. Postal Service and the Department of Defense.
Jessica Alter Consultant, Strategy and Shareholder Value Groups
Steve Meade Client Services Director
Tom Spann Managing Partner, Products North America
John Rollins Partner
Skip Besthoff Manager
Andy Yang Consultant
Martin Poschenrieder Consulting Analyst
Jon Herstein Senior Manager
Mark Roberge Consultant
Michael Hart Architect
Chris Nielsen Business consulting firms
Scott Hintz Manager
John Hinshaw Consultant
Thiago Teodoro Strategy Consultant
Holger Luedorf Consultant
Kathy Humphreys Client Account HR Lead
Ceres Chua Management Consultant, Digital Strategy
Patrick McCormack Senior Manager
Brad Mattick Consultant
Thomas Depuydt Consultant
Vince Monical Sr. Consultant
Stefanos Missailidis Analyst
Jonathan King Consultant
Bimal Shah Consultant
Marco Visibelli ets
Steven Bong Summer Analyst - Accenture Technology Labs
Farhan Yasin Analyst
John Brennan senior management positions
Dan Goldsmith Manager
Rika Nakazawa Global Strategic Marketing, Positioning & Insights Lead
Nisan Gabbay Strategy Consultant
Pierre Nanterme Various Role
Jorge Benitez Managing Director
Ron Rock BPM Business Development
James Speer Engagement Manager
Steve Surdu Director
Kevin Hannan Sr. Mgr - Strategy Consulting
James Hunvanich Software Engineer
Urs Haeusler Strategy Consultant
Andy Hunn Senior Consultant
Sean Antony SAP IS-U Billing Analyst
Valerie Layman Manager
Bzur Haun Consultant
Arne Horn Praktikant
Milan Schnorrer Several assignments
Rodney Rogers senior manager
Michael Ackerman North American Practice Lead, Data Management & Architecture
Andrew Zimmerman Global Managing Director
Randall E. Berry Partner, Supply Chain Management
Nick Vaney Manager, Strategy and Business Architecture Group
Matthew Blosl Manager
James Beer Consultant
Simon Blanks Manager
Matthew Goldstein Consultant
Adam Siegel Senior Manager
Patrick Carolan Business Intelligence Consultant
Olivier Duprez Developer
Carolyn Everson Analyst
Ramesh Venugopal Experienced Management Consultant
J. Lawrence Podmolik Associate Partner
Yo Koga Strategy Consultant
Julie Sandler Business Analyst
Mark Pierce Sr. Manager
Frank F. Britt Senior Manager
Leah Jones Business Analyst
Rafael Heringer Senior Programmer
Mark D'Agostino Manager
Mark Hadland Associate Partner
Drew Kane Senior Business Analyst
Kelly Ungerman Senior Business Analyst
Stephen Bernardez Strategy Management Consultant
Chelsea Stoner Manager
Andy Macey Senior Manager
Trevor Oelschig Consultant
Michael J. Owsiany Senior Consultant
Isai Peimer Consultant
Matt Needham Sales Lead
Brett Wilson Consultant
Alice Barriciello HR Manager
Bruno Perreault Senior Consultant
Ankur Jain Strategy Consulting
David Popler Manager, Strategy Formulation
Chris Seib Consultant
Bill Marvin Executive, Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice
Stefano Carrara Manager
Dickon Waterfield Analyst
Marc Doering Consultant
Lane Franks Sr Consultant
Douglas Correa Siebel Consultant
Chris Mitchell International Sales Director
Kerry Rupp Consultant
Paul Pieper Partner
Daya Kori Director of Human Performance
Harsh Patel Manager, Technology R&D Organization
Teresa Weipert Senior Executive
Matt Jones Principal
David Adams Sr Manager
Supriya Singh Consultant
Aditya Sanghi Senior Consultant
Gary Warzynski Manager, Strategic Services Group - Communications and High Tech Practice
Thad White Consultant
Jacob Hansen Business Intelligence Analyst
Philippe Gire Partner
James McElwee Senior Consultant
Kevin Grieve Senior Manager
Will Hunsinger Senior Manager
Gerardo Barroeta IT Analyst
Cameron Logan Technical Architect, Experienced Consultant
Turan Sahinkaya Staff Consultant - Latin America
Esben Friis-Jensen Analyst
Lisa Agona Marketing Director
Hari Menon Member, Strategy Practice Consulting Team
Mark Perutz Consultant
Lily Liang Analyst
Jason Simeone Software Architect
Dan Schulz Various Designation
John Banczak Senior Consultant
Dwayne Nesmith Senior Consultant
Adrian Sevitz Manager
Laurent Ruben Consultant Technology
Ullash Tiwari
Erick Arndt Management Consultant
Scott Reismanis Consultant
Ed Hodges Strategy Consultant, Telecoms & High Tech
Luc Byhet Open Source Consultant
Jeff Pearson Manager
Howard Koenig Partner
Giuseppe De Giorgi Analyst
Tom Spengler Consultant
Goncalo Reis Business Analyst
Steven Lamont Managing Partner, Strategy
Guilherme Souza Enterprise Architecture
Jamey Jeff Senior Manager
John Liska Consultant
Rajneesh Verma Analyst Programmer
Oriol Penya Sanromà Consultant
Ritu Raj Partner
Christopher Esclapez Manager
Alexi Suvacioglu Consultant
Antonio Altamirano Internet Marketing Consultant
Cory Jones Senior Business Analyst
Will Miceli Manager
Martin Mackay Director
Kevin Malik Analyst
Paul Monelly Manager - Shared Service Centre
Steve Hnatiuk Software Engineer
Rodrigo Prudencio Consultant
Amrit Kirpalani Manager
Andy Peebler Sr. Consultant
Lawrence Leisure Global Managing Partner
TJ Mahony Process Analyst
Rik Vandevenne Associate
Michael Piacenza Senior Manager
Jacques Marine System Integration Consultant
Andrew Savitz Sr. Consultant
Jim Cyb Consultant
Kirk Wolfe Consultant
Ed Hofffman Consultant
Joe Terry Consultant
Stewart Smythe Consultant
Pedro Cerdeira Consultant
Alex Ramirez Senior Consultant
Michael Levit Senior consultant
Clarissa Riggins Manager
Clint Dickson Technology Consultant
Neal Mohan Senior Analyst
Cyndi Mitchell Consultant Developer
Amy Loftus Managing Partner, North American Life Sciences
David J. Kim Senior Strategy Consultant
Denis Bernaert Senior Manager
Aparna Kuttuva
Christopher Stancombe Enterprise Architect
Skip Battle Worldwide Managing Partner of Market Development and Member of the Executive Committee
Scott Regan Developer and Design Lead, Telecom OSS
Matt Lawson Senior Consultant
Kamal Fariz Mohamed Mahyuddin Consultant
Michael Malone Analyst
Tian He Summer Analyst
Byron Dumbrill Senior Manager, Media & Entertainment
John Abraham Information Systems Consultant
Neil Sheth Senior Research Associate
Neil Sequeira Senior Manager
Will Peppo Consultant
Chaitanya M. Kamat Managing Partner, India Delivery Centre Network
Amanda Keleher Analyst
Khurrum Malik Marketing Strategy Executive
Putri Nurul Ida Mangaement Consultant
Brandon Harvey Research Programmer at Accenture Technology Labs
Dan Killeen Manager
Marco Visibelli Analyst
Brian Bispala Consultant
Thomas Holl Consultant
Yosi Glick application developer
Brian Longo
Eric Browne Strategy Consultant
Eunice Yu Manager
Frank Vaculin Director, Communication, Media and Technology / Financial Services
Michael Katz Analyst
Chris Kibarian Senior Consultant – Products/Information and Technology Strategy Practices
Michael Frey Associate Partner, Electronics and High Tech Practice
Doug Petkanics Analyst
Linda Shaffer Senior Consultant, Strategy Services
Mark Orttung Manager
Christine Turcuato Gutierrez Manager
Louise Mullock Retail Consultant
Paul Lee Strategy Consultant
Ed Lang Director of Sales
Evan Ginsburg Consultant
Manish Pandit Architect, SOA
Pierre Hennes Senior Consultant
Ray Smith Manager
Alisdair Faulkner Senior Consultant
Gregory J. Owens Global Managing Partner
Adriane Musuneggi Technology Analyst
Rob Chandra Associate
Jason Provisor Consultant,,Analyst
Will Prendergast Strategy Consultant
Adam Kanouse Senior Executive
Sophia Kim Change Management
Brain Leslie Developing Research
Nate Kontny Senior Consultant
Jeffrey Leget Staff
Nathan Dintenfass Analyst
Andrew Bokor Consultant
Jason Yeh Summer Analyst
Sanjay Wahi Technology Consultant
Jason Lettmann Consultant
James Miller Partner
Tracy Randall Consultant
Maria Callahan Manager
Deon van Heerden Senior Manager
Drew Martin Consultant
John Ciecholewski Business Analyst and Project Management Consultant
Darren Black consultant
Talia Rafaeli Senior Management Consultant, Corporate Finance Group
Ruchika Kumar Strategy Consultant
Andrew Leigh Consultant
Laurie Femia Executive Assistant
Tim Curran Senior Manager
Liz Devine Partner
Gareth Capon Management Consultant
Primal Sharma ASE
Tom Godber Developer (Gap Year)
Flint A. Lane Senior Staff
Colin T. Mistele Consultant
Robert A. Lauer Partner
Jeff Lin Senior Manager
Mark Krapels Senior Manager
Edoardo Luciani Associate
Dena Trujillo Analyst
Cole Harper Senior Consultant
Nick Hartman Consulting Practice
Chris Rossie Director, Market and Business Development
John Fraser Business Development, North America within Global Analytics Group
manuel beaudroit Service Delivery Lead
Gregg Burt Partner
Damon Clinkscales Analyst
Mihir Mehta Associate
Tom Englund Business Analyst
Annie Lin Strategy Consulting
Raghavan Chellappan IT Project Manager/Sr. Technical Architect
Ravi Mohan Senior Consultant
Collin West Consultant
Rebecca Madsen Various Designation
Lisa Bridgett Management Consultant (Strategy)
Jacob Hansen Business Intelligence Consultant
Melissa Breakfield Global Client Account HR Lead
Dain F. DeGroff Senior Consultant
Chawanop Witthayaphirak Software Engineer
Jason Roberts Consultant
Jon Schäffer Management Consultant
Geoffrey Berthon Process Designer
Michael Neal Senior Manager
Meghan Keough Consultant
Kevin McClain Senior manager
Omar Hakim Asia region network consulting practice
Ken desGarennes Corporate Development
Doug Marquis Led Initiatives
Christine Larsen Sr. Technology Consultant - New York
Joe Forehand Chairman

October, 2013

Accenture acquired Procurian for $375M

Accenture to Acquire Procurian Inc., Expanding Its Leading Capabilities in Procurement Business Process Outsourcing

July, 2013

Accenture invested $35M in Apigee as a Series F round

Accenture invested $20M in Predixion Software as a Series C round

June, 2013

U.S. Air Force Awards Accenture $42 Million Contract for Financial Management System Improvements

May, 2013

Accenture acquired Acquity Group for $316M

Accenture Plc (ACN) Acquires E-Commerce Company Acquity Group For $316 Million

February, 2013


August, 2012

Accenture acquired NewsPage

Accenture to Acquire NewsPage, a Leading Provider of Integrated Distributor Management and Mobility Software for the Consumer Goods Industry

November, 2010

Accenture Agrees to Acquire CAS Computer Anwendungs-und Systemberatung AG, a Leader in Consumer Products Industry CRM and Mobility Software

February, 2010

Accenture acquired RiskControl

Accenture Acquires RiskControl, a Rio-Based Risk Management Company, Adding End-to-End Software Solution to Its Risk Offerings

October, 2009

Accenture invested $31M in Adchemy as unattributed round

July, 2009

Nokia and Accenture have entered into an agreement for Accenture to acquire Nokia's Symbian Professional Services unit responsible for Symbian OS customer engineering and customer support.

Nokia's Symbian Professional Services to be Acquired by Accenture

May, 2008

Accenture acquired Origin Digital

Accenture buying privately held Origin Digital

Accenture acquired AddVal Technology

Accenture to Acquire AddVal Technology Inc., Enhancing Freight-Management Capabilities

July, 2001

Accenture IPO
Stock symbol: NYSE:ACN

January, 2001

Accenture was founded on January, 2001