Identity Profile Pages is a platform for representing one’s personal identity online. The service enables users to create and maintain a curated page for self-expression. pages offer features including bios, contact information and buttons that link to...

Founded in 2013
Employees: 15
Total money raised: $5.7M

94110 2601 Mission, 9th Floor

San Francisco
San Francisco
Updated on Oct 24, 2013 at CrunchBase
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Tony Conrad Co-Founder, CEO
Ryan Freitas Co-Founder
Jeff Veen Adviser
Timothy Ferriss Advisor
Julia Allison Advisor
Luke Gotszling Advisor
Om Malik Adviser
Ryan Block Adviser
Kevin Rose Advisor
Dick Costolo Advisor
Brian Fioca Director of Mobile
Tim Young Co-Founder, Advisor
Jason Santa Maria Lead Designer
Catherine Valdes Adviser
Andy Weissman Adviser
Jyri Engestrom Adviser
Victor Belfor Principle
Lindsay Campbell Adviser
Peter Rojas Adviser
Krutal Desai Advisor
Bryan Mason Advisor

May, 2013 acquired Wefollow

Identity Platform Buys Wefollow To Boost “Interest” Search

February, 2013 was founded on February, 2013 raised $5.7M in unattributed round from SoftTech VC, Google Ventures, CrunchFund, and True Ventures Spins Back Out of AOL, Raises $5.7M was acquired by Tony Conrad & Ryan Freitas