Abbott Labs

Genomic Disease Management

Abbott Molecular Inc., a genomic disease management company, engages in the development and marketing of clinical laboratory products, which provide information critical to the evaluation and management of cancer, prenatal disorders, and other...

Founded in 1991
Employees: 133

60018-3315 1300 East Touhy

Des Plaines
Des Plaines

Phone: 224-361-7800

Updated on May 3, 2012
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John L. Bishop CEO
Jeffrey Boily Division Director
Dr. Bruce G. McCarthy various roles including Venture Head
Randy Cheung Senior Sales Representative
Dennis H. Langer marketing positions
Ayyappan Sankaran various technical positions
John A. Bellano Sales
Craig Sakuma Engineer
Bob Rochelle Director, Managed Care Marketing
Charles Nelson Director of Product Development
Patrick Sullivan Senior Marketing Positions
Javier Saade Manager
Stephen Tsuchiyama Territory Manager
Oscar Segurado Area Director, Latin America and Canada
Al Burdulis Director of R&D
Sue Washer Pharmaceutical Management and Research

May, 2012

Abbott Buys Action Pharma Hormone For $110M

March, 2010

Abbott Labs acquired Facet Biotech for $450M

Abbott buys Facet Biotech for $450M

September, 2009

Abbott Labs acquired Solvay Pharmaceuticals for $6.6B

Abbott to buy Solvay pharma unit in $6.6B deal

Abbott Labs acquired Evalve for $410M

Studies find Botox cuts migraine days; Abbott to buy Evalve for up to $410M

Abbott Labs acquired Visiogen for $400M

Abbott To Pay $400 Million For Cataract-Treatment Firm Visiogen

December, 2008

Abbott Labs acquired Ibis Biosciences for $215M

Abbott Completes Acquisition of Ibis Biosciences, a Subsidiary of Isis

November, 2007

Abbott Labs invested $60M in Evalve as a Series D round

January, 2007

Abbott Labs invested $6.6M in Ovalis as a Series B round


Abbott Labs was founded in 1991