API Management Done Right

3scale provides Free & Enterprise API management solutions for developers, and companies to securely distribute, control, manage, operate and monetize their API to 3rd parties (e.g. developers, business partners, etc). 3scale API management...

Founded in 2007
Employees: 15
Total money raised: $5M

3scale SPAIN

08013 C/Napols 187, 8


Phone: +1 408 524 1503

Updated on Apr 26, 2013
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Steven Willmott CEO
Mark Cheshire COO
Guillaume Balas CMO
Josep M. Pujol CTO
Rhommel Lamas Operations Engineer
Martin Tantow Co-Founder, President and General Manager USA

April, 2013

3scale raised $4.2M in private_equity round from Javelin Venture Partners and Costanoa Venture Capital

3scale Raises $4.2M in Funding

April, 2010

3scale raised $800K in seed round from Inveready Technology Investment Group, NEOTEC, and CIDEM / ACC1Ó

3scale Secures $800,000 In Funding For Cloud-Based API Management Software

December, 2007

3scale was founded on December, 2007